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The .pw domain is the ideal extension for individuals and businesses who want to showcase their business on the web. It’s the new mark of professionalism for your business and strives to create a professional web of businesses. If you’re an individual, an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to join a reputed network, then register .pw domains today and start projecting a professional image online.

As the .pw domain wants to create a professional web for business, Centralnic has ensured the domain is secure by adopting best industry practices. Centralnic’s abuse team are also working with anti-abuse organisations to ensure .pw domains provide a clean and abuse-free namespace for your business and to protect genuine users.

Who can register .pw domains?

Anyone from anywhere in the world can order this professional domain with .pw domain names registration from 123 Reg as there are no restrictions on its use. This means that you are free to register .pw, whether you’re a business owner or a professional who wants to establish a professional online presence.

What makes .pw special?

    .pw is professional. Unlike other extensions, .pw was specifically created for businesses and individuals across the globe who want to establish themselves as true professionals.

    .pw is brand new which means there is an unlimited number of domains to choose from. This does not happen with top-level domains such as .com, where almost all possible name combinations seem to have been exhausted.

    .pw is global and open to any professional or business owner who’s looking to promote a business on the Internet.

    .pw is secure with strict industry practices that ensure a safe and abuse-free namespace for you and your business.

How can I get one?

There are unlimited options for your chosen name, unlike other, more established domains where so many names are already registered. With .pw domain registration from 123 Reg, you now have the chance to snap up a great domain that you wouldn’t otherwise find available with other extensions. But don’t wait too long, register your .pw domain today before anyone else gets a chance.

So, if you want to build a professional presence on the web, use the .pw domain registration on 123 Reg and get your perfect .pw today!

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