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Why is a .uk domain name ideal for your business?

The .uk extension is a shorter, sharper and snappier alternative to a It shows your visitors that you are located in the UK and, as it’s shorter, it puts the emphasis on your brand or company name – exactly where it should be. It also brings us in line with other large country-code registries such as .fr for France and .de for Germany, joining the rest of the world.

The .uk extension is for forward-thinking businesses and individuals, so make sure you grab yours now from 123 Reg.

Who can register .uk domains?

Absolutely anyone!

Since 25 June 2019, the .uk namespace has been completely open. Previous rights to certain domains were dropped and registration is now possible for any available name.,, and .uk domains can be registered independently of each other, allowing different registrants or the same registrant to own them. As such, we would recommend covering your brand by registering all variants of your name, plus any typos.

Having these extensions can be beneficial as it will protect your brand from copycats and scammers looking to impersonate your business. They also inform customers that your website is for a British business, helping to establish your credibility and professionalism.

Why register a .uk?

With shorter extensions becoming more popular, the .uk domain provides a means to shorten your existing web address, creating a far simpler way for visitors to access your website. It gets straight to the point and clearly shows you are based in the UK. And it’s familiar – 98% of people are aware of domain names ending in .UK.

The .uk extension offers businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom the choice, relevance and availability that is needed to gain a competitive advantage today. This shorter, more memorable domain name will help define owners as part of the UK online community.

.uk registration is perfect for anyone based in the UK who wants to expand their current domain portfolio and attract more customers. With shorter, more memorable names and the ability to show in an instant your site is based in the United Kingdom, this extension keeps web users and businesses ahead of the curve.

But rest assured, your other domains will continue to function as normal, and the .uk simply gives you another option for you to choose in the UK namespace.

* This offer only applies to the first year. Limited to 1 domain per customer. Normal price £11.99 (+VAT).

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