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From sports and country clubs to health and social clubs, there are clubs formed around every imaginable hobby or interest. In fact, over 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups every month. So what better way to create and celebrate your own club than with a .club domain name?

This domain extension is the perfect opportunity for your club, group or community to secure its own social space and build a credible reputation online, making it easier for people to discover and join your clique.

About .club

With everyone looking to be part of a club, this is the perfect time to create your own. You can now register web address – a URL that’s instantly recognisable and easy to market online.

Designed for groups such as sport clubs, social clubs, hobby clubs, exclusive membership clubs and more, this gTLD is built to provide your club with all the tools it needs to thrive online. Businesses that require membership or foster a sense of exclusivity can also find this new extension appealing.

Anyone can register a web address with a .club extension without any restrictions.

Why buy .club domain names?

The possibilities of a .club domain are endless: to promote your sports team, your local community or your local clubs like dance clubs, night clubs, VIP clubs and more.

If you’re a business owner, a .club can be exactly what you need to create an engaging and effective online club membership experience. Not only can you secure your dream domain but you can also grow your club membership and provide a unique social space for your specific needs.

If you run a bar or a club, there’s no better marketing tool to promote your bar or club on the Internet than a .club domain. Next time you host a concert, a social gathering or run a special offer, you can be sure it will be easier to get the word out there with your new .club domain.

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