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.me - the perfect domain to show off you

Register .me domain names and promote your personal brand on the Internet. The domain extension .me can also be used as the last part of a word. For instance, if your name, company name or the term you want to register ends in .me, you can use the extension as part of the word. So instead of registering www.yourname.co.uk, you could simply register www.yourna.me.

What is a .me domain?

.me is the country code for Montenegro, but anyone can register .me domain names and utilise them as they see fit. For example:

  • To promote yourself as a unique personal brand e.g. JohnSmith.me or JoeBlogs.me and create easy to remember and personalised email addresses and websites.
  • Use your domain as a call to action and attract customers e.g. phone.me blog.me join.me.
  • Create the perfect companion to social media using .me domain registration. Also, you can use it as a nice way to show quickly what your domain is about e.g. about.me

We also offer WHOIS privacy for the domain extension .me, so why not grab your perfect one and add WHOIS to keep your details private.

At just £2.99 (+20% VAT) for the first year, these will be even more popular so don’t miss out, register your .me today.


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