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There is no extension more generic than .xyz. While .com stands for commercial, .org for organisations and .net for network, this new gTLD is for everyone looking to find the perfect web address, no matter the industry or the type of website.

So, whether you’re an individual or you own a business or an organisation, this new gTLD can provide you with the fantastic opportunity of getting the web address you’ve always wanted. Register your .xyz domain names now, with 123 Reg, to grab a short, relevant, fantastic web address, one that you might not be able to find available on more popular extensions.

This great gTLD is perfect for newly launched businesses that are unlikely to find a short web address available on the crowded .com. It’s generic enough to be appropriate for anyone who makes it a great extension for any individual or company in any industry. If you would like to buy .xyz domain names, you can now order yours at 123 Reg! Act now to secure yours before anyone else!

About .xyz

This is the most generic top level domain as, unlike the popular .com, .net or .info, it has no alternate meanings or connotations. This makes it perfect for anyone looking to have a web address with a more general extension. Due to the open, non-specific nature of this gTLD, anyone can register .xyz domains without any restrictions.

Why register .xyz domain names?

    ✓ Get the web address you’ve always wanted

    ✓ Register a generic yet short and catchy domain that will fit any industry

    ✓ Protect your brand and prevent others from using your name


    The .xyz extension offers an almost infinite amount of name possibilities which means you’ll finally be able to get a fantastic web address for your site, one that you were unlikely to find available on most popular extensions. Getting a short and memorable domain will help users easily recall your website address without having it to waste time searching it online. In addition, if you’re just starting out online, this gTLD can help you stand out from the crowd from the very beginning.

When can I register .xyz domain names?

You can buy .xyz domains with 123 Reg now! So, grab yours now to make sure you don’t miss your chance to get your dream web address. And while you are there, why not check out our other offers? We’ve registered over 3 million domains so far so if you want to get online, there’s no better place to get started than 123 Reg.

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