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The must-have domain for every organisation

Every organisation needs a .org domain

If you're a non-profit organisation, a .org web address is the best way to promote yourself on the web. It builds instant trust as it says that your organisation is credible and is dedicated to serving public interest.

Even if your organisation isn't a non-profit one, having a .org extension could still be a smart investment. In fact, as the second-most popular TLD, .org can be used for any type of website. Register yours today with 123 Reg to support a good cause or as the foundation for your new website!

What is .org and what does having a .org mean?

.org, short for ‘organisation’, is one of the original global domain names, alongside .com and .net.

Although this extension was originally created and intended for non-profit and non-commercial organisations, anyone can register a .org domain. For example, schools, clubs or museums may use .org to highlight their legitimacy, while volunteer groups could use it to educate newcomers about their cause. What’s more, .org can be used for businesses that wish to show their commitment to making a positive impact in their community.

Ultimately, having a .org means that you’re dedicated to supporting or promoting a good cause and making a difference. Few other domain extensions command such authority, making it an excellent alternative to .com.

Why register .org domains?

.org is the best way for non-profit organisations to identify themselves on the web but there are a few other reasons why you should buy yours today:


🗸 Builds trust as .org is the most trusted extension on the web, being associated with charities and non-profit organisations.

🗸 Known to provide unbiased information as .org websites are filled with valuable and educational content.

🗸 Increases your chances for fundraising, as a .org web address can help improve your organisation’s visibility online and raise money faster for schools, sports teams or any humanitarian causes.

🗸 Protect your brand by registering your existing name with a new extension, to stop anyone else grabbing it.


So if you’re a charity, a non-profit organisation, or just looking for a new domain, there’s no better way to show you’re trustworthy and committed to making a difference than a .org domain name. Order your favourite one today before it’s taken!

What can you do with a .org domain?

Whether you provide charitable, educational or networking solutions, .org websites immediately show visitors that you offer a professional service that can be trusted. You could also use your custom domain as the basis for a .org email address that will help you spread your message even further. Make a difference by registering your .org today!

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