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The .co-mplete domain

The .co is the top-level domain extension for all occasions and one of the hottest properties on the internet. In just two short letters, a .co domain says you are leading the way online, whether you are a .company, a .community, a .committee or any sort of .commercial venture. A .co is popular and easy to remember, and in the world of social media, a two letter domain name (rather than three or five) can help you squeeze more content into your posts!

What is a .co domain?

.co is the country code for Colombia, but anyone can buy and register a .co domain extension with no limitations. For example, you could use a .co domain for the following reasons:

    ✓ If you’ve got a great business name or project idea, but the .co.uk and .com domains you want are already taken

    ✓ If you want to use a clever wordplay in your web address like mexi.co

    ✓ If your business is based in Colombia or works with Colombian nationals

Why register a .co ?

As one of the most successful TLDs ever, with 8,000 domains registered in the first minute of its launch, this extension has become a must-have for innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world. In fact, major corporations like BMW, Nike and Visa have all adopted .co into their web addresses. Here are just a few reasons why:

    It’s short. In the age of mobile and social media, where every character counts, shorter is better. The shorter the URL, the easier it is to remember and type into a browser.

    It’s relevant. .co is the acronym for “company” and it has been used in this context since the beginning of commerce. No matter what industry you’re in, a .co domain name can be a great choice to market your ideas, products or services online or to build a community and connect with other innovators.

    It’s perfect for start-ups and entrepreneurs Companies with .co domains are usually at the forefront of their field. If you’re looking for a unique namespace that promotes innovation and big ideas, then a .co domain is the perfect choice.

.co or .com: which one should I choose?

.com is the most recognisable domain available so if you want a safe option, go for a .com. If you’re after a unique web address that’s modern and trendy, then you should consider registering a .co domain.

Although it may be tempting to go for an established .com domain, its widespread use has turned this extension into a common and indistinctive domain that people tend to gloss over. Furthermore, its popularity could mean that your ideal web address has already been registered.

With a .co domain, it’s more than likely that your preferred address is available, plus you’ll have a shorter web address that stands out. After all, less is more.

How do I get a .co domain name?

It couldn’t be easier to find and register your perfect domain with 123 Reg. Here’s how you can get started:

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Frequently asked questions

Do .co domains rank well on search engines?

.co domains perform just as well as any other extension on search engines. Ultimately, securing a higher ranking on Google will depend on your website’s content, rather than your web address. Although there’s no real advantage to having this unique extension from an SEO perspective, its memorability and brevity can help your web address stand out from the crowd.

How much do .co domains cost?

With 123 Reg, you can buy a .co domain for just ‪£32.99‬ (excluding VAT). After this, you’ll pay to renew it each year.

How can I renew my .co domain?

You can manually renew your domain at any time from your 123 Reg Control Panel. For details on how to do this, please read the following article: How do I renew my domain names?

Alternatively, you can set your domain to auto-renew by reading the following article instead: How do I set my domain name to Auto Renew? That way, you won’t have to worry about losing your unique web address, along with any associated services.

Is .co more expensive than .com?

Yes, .co domains typically cost more than .com domains. However, this is to prevent these extensions from being bought in bulk and then sold on, which has become a growing issue with .com domains.

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