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What is a domain? is the official extension for the United Kingdom and is a must-have for any British brand. As one of the first extensions to be created, is a tried and tested classic that is still incredibly popular, with over 10 million domains registered. Find yours today!

What your British business needs

As the fifth most popular extension in the world, domains offer an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to enter the UK market.

This distinguished extension is especially favoured by businesses due to its iconic name and association with British values. Not only will customers immediately see that you provide services local to the UK but you’ll also be telling them that they can expect a polite and prompt service, helping to give your brand a sense of trust and reliability. Best of all, its affordable price makes a worthy investment for large and small businesses alike.

About domains

Since its creation in 1985, the extension has become one of the most trusted domains available.

This extension was created especially for companies and individuals who live or trade in the United Kingdom. When you register a domain, you'll be telling the world that you’re based in Britain. This, in turn, can help your website stand out and entice prospective customers to use your services.

So if you're looking for a simple way of promoting your British business, there's no better place to start than with the UK's favourite domain - now only ‪£0.79‬!*

Why register domain names?

If you run a business in the UK, having a domain is the perfect way of gaining your customer’s trust and confidence. In fact, Nominet, the registry for UK domains, has reported that 81% of British internet users would choose a website over a .com when shopping online.

Having one can also reassure British shoppers that they won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount on delivery costs. What’s more, is one of the cheapest domains available, making it an incredibly lucrative opportunity for your brand!

Who can buy a domain?

Although this domain is primarily for anyone based in the UK, there are no restrictions for this extension so anyone can register one, no matter where they’re from.

How much does cost?

You can register domains now at 123 Reg for a cheap price of ‪£0.79‬ (+VAT).* Hurry though as this is an incredibly popular extension, so be sure to register your perfect web address before it’s gone!

What is the difference between and .com?

While is aimed at British audiences, .com is far broader and can be applied to any business, regardless of their industry or country of origin. As a result, .com is often seen as the go-to choice for international businesses or those that don’t want people to think that their services are restricted to a single country.

However, domains are often cheaper and more readily available than .com domains. That’s why we recommend that any UK business sign up for a If you’re still not sure though and have a big enough budget, you could always register both! That way, should anyone visit either address, they’ll be taken to the same website.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter your perfect web address into the field below and find yours today!


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