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Increase your company's visibility and bring your business closer to Austrian customers.

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What is an .at domain name?

.at is the country code for Austria. This means that .at domain registration is perfect for those that want to reach Austrian customers easier. So, if you are targeting Austria for your business, register your .at domain today and start building trust among Austrian customers.

Are there any restrictions to .at domain registration?

There are no restrictions as to who can register .at domains. Any person can buy .at domains, no matter if they are based in Austria or another country.

123 Reg provides an .at domain registration service that allows you to register .at domains and get them up and running in minutes. With Austria being more open to foreign trade, .at domains are starting to become more popular, so hurry, get your perfect .at domain name today for as little as £14.99 (+20% VAT)!


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