Understanding Domain Transfers

This article will tell you all about domain transfers and how to complete them.

What domains can I transfer to 123 Reg?

If you’re not sure which domains you can transfer to 123 Reg, check out our dedicated Domain Transfers page for a complete list along with any attached fees.

Before attempting a transfer, please ensure that you use the correct procedure for your domain name extension as explained in the articles below:

You can also check the step-by-step guide on how to transfer a domain name from:

Once you’ve placed your order for a domain transfer, your domain name will appear on the domain transfer page. This page lists all recent domain transfer activity and allows you to check on the status of all your transfers.

What does my domain transfer status mean?

The standard domain transfer statuses are listed below:

  • Pending (amber) – this domain transfer is still in progress. It may be awaiting further information from you (for example an auth code).

    Please Note: If your domain status is displayed as “pending registry” for a Top-Level Domain transfer, this indicates that we are waiting for the approval of the losing registrar for the domain to go through. Please contact your previous provider and request them to approve the transfer.

  • Complete (green) – this domain transfer has been completed. The domain name will now be available for use in your account.
  • Cancelled (red) – this domain transfer has been cancelled. Any transfer fees will be refunded.