Understanding the domain transition period

This FAQ will help you to understand the domain transition period

123 Reg is the UK’s largest and oldest domain brand within the UK. We have been registering domain names for over 10 years across the world, offering international domain names like .com within the UK market.

Throughout this time 123 Reg has used many partners to register domain names to help provide the large portfolio of domains that 123 Reg offer. 123 Reg is now directly accredited with all key registries to offer the direct benefits of being a direct registrar for our entire portfolio.

Within the past two years, 123 Reg has worked very hard to bring the full portfolio of domain names that we hold for our customers from the other providers to our own control. This will enhance our customers experience when managing their domains and improve the support we can offer as we will be handling all support requests internally rather than escalating to third parties

To move domain names to the 123 Reg tag requires a transitional period of about five days. When a domain transitions through to 123 Reg a year is added on to the registered period of the domain name. 123 Reg starts this transition at the point of payment for renewal, the domain name is locked, transferred (takes up to five days) and when on our tag unlocked again.

If a domain name is renewed for 3 years at the point of payment, 123 Reg will transition the domain to our tag, adding one year renewal to the domain name and then upon completion add the remaining two years.

As long as domain renewal occurs 7 days in advance of the domain expiration date there will be no downtime during this transitional period. All email, websites and associated domain services continue to run without any effect in service.

We will attempt to auto renew your domain name 7 days prior to the expiration date to ensure that the transition completes before expiration. Please ensure that your stored payment details are up to date in preparation for the automatic renewal. This will help to ensure the domain name is renewed in time to allow the transition to complete before expiration.

We strongly recommend any manual renewals are carried out at least 7 days prior to the expiration date to ensure the smooth continuation of your services.

During the transitional period nameservers, DNS and registrant information will not be able to be altered. If you need to have these details altered you can either make the changes before the renewal of the domain name or once the transition has completed.