What is the WHOIS database?

The below article will explain what the WHOIS database is, what information is shown on it, and how to view this information.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a public database that allows you to find out information about a specific domain name, also known as a ‘domain lookup’. In particular, you’ll be able to find details such as:

  • The domain registration and expiry date
  • Who the registrar is
  • Any relevant contacts

Although anyone can access and use the WHOIS database, not all this information will be publicly available as this will depend on the registry as well as the user’s settings.

How does the WHOIS database work?

The WHOIS database contains contact and registration information for every domain registered with a particular registrar. WHOIS databases are maintained by individual registrars and not by the central registry.

For this reason, they are not always fully up-to date. Most of the systems are updated every 24 hours, which means its results can be up to 47 hours out of date.

How to do a WHOIS lookup?

The quickest and easiest way of performing a WHOIS domain lookup is by visiting https://who.is/.

Alternatively, if you purchased our Web Hosting service before July 2020 or our Premium Hosting service before August 2020, you can use a tool within your package to search the WHOIS database for a particular domain name. To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

Step 1 of 6

Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


Step 2 of 6

From there, select Web Hosting or Premium Hosting within the ‘Manage active products’ section, depending on which product you wish to use.

Next, select Manage opposite the ‘(bought before XX/XX/XX)’ option.

Select Manage Web Hosting


Step 3 of 6

This will show you an overview of your current hosting packages. Click Manage for the account you wish to use.

Manage Legacy Hosting


Step 4 of 6

On the next page, select Manage for the domain you wish to access.

Manage Hosting Domain


Step 5 of 6

Click on the WHOIS Domain option in the Website Help & Diagnostics section.

Select WHOIS Domain


Step 6 of 6

Enter the domain name that you wish to perform the WHOIS lookup on into the provided field and select the WHOIS Domain button.

Enter domain name

The results will then be displayed on the page.

View results


How do I hide my WHOIS information?

Once you’ve registered a domain, your personal details will be publicly available on the WHOIS database by default. This makes it easier for spammers, scammers and hackers to target you, simply by performing a WHOIS domain lookup.

That’s where our Domain Ownership Protection (DOP) service comes in, which will hide your details and lock your domain under a unique password that only you have access to. As part of this service, you’ll also receive a renewal guarantee for your domain as standard. That way, should your domain fail to renew for whatever reason, such as a failed payment, we will automatically renew it on your behalf. For more details on DOP and how to purchase it, please visit our dedicated page.

How do I change my WHOIS information?

To change the personal details shown on the WHOIS database for your domain, please get in touch with our Support team on +44 (0)345 450 2310 and we will do our best to assist you.