How do I set up an email account using Windows 10 mail?

Set up an email account using Windows 10 Mail.

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When setting up Mail for Windows 10 for the first time you’ll see the screen below. Click ‘Get Started’ (if you’ve set up an account for Windows 10 before, please skip to step 3).

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On the next screen, as shown below, click ‘Add Account’.

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If you’ve set up an account in Mail for Windows 10 before then you’ll see this screen instead:

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From here, click on ‘Accounts’ on the left and ‘Add account’ from the menu which appears on the right.

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You’ll now be asked to choose an account. Scroll down using the scroll bar on the right. Choose the bottom option- ‘Advanced set-up’ by clicking on it.

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On the next screen, choose the ‘Internet email’ option by clicking on it

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You’ll now be prompted to enter/choose the following details (not all of these options will be visible on the screen at once but there is a scroll bar to the side which you can use as you progress through the steps.):

Account name – This is just a nickname or ‘label’ for the account. For example, if this is your work account you might choose the label ‘Work’.

Your name – This should be the way you want your name to appear to people who receive emails from you.

Incoming email server – enter this: It is also possible to set up a mailbox using a POP connection, but we always recommend using IMAP. However, if you are familiar with POP and you have a preference for this, you should enter the incoming email server as For more on the difference between these two different ‘mail protocols’ please click here.

Account Type – Click on the dropdown and choose ‘IMAP4’. As above, if you have chosen to use a POP connection instead (not recommended) then choose POP3 from the dropdown instead.

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Email address – enter the email address for the 123 Reg mailbox you are currently setting up.

Username – The username for your mailbox is the email address so enter this again.

Password – Enter the password you chose for your mailbox when you created it. If you can’t remember your password, please see this guide on setting a new password for your mailbox.

Outgoing (SMTP) email server –

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Finally on this screen there are four tick boxes as follows:

Outgoing server requires authentication

Use the same username and password for sending email

Require SSL for incoming email

Require SSL for outgoing email

These will be ticked by default and you should leave all four of these ticked. You should now click on ‘Sign in’.

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  • It should now be confirmed that your account was successfully set up!

    You can now click on ‘Done’ to complete the setup wizard.

    If you receive a ‘pop up’ in the bottom right hand corner of your screen telling you that your account settings are out of date then please skip ahead to Troubleshooting.

Please note:If this is the first time you've used Mail for Windows 10, you'll be taken back to the main 'accounts' screen where you started. If you have another email account to add in you should click on 'Add Account' again and follow the steps above once more.

If this is the only email account you're setting up today, then click on 'Ready to go' (as in the screenshot below) to access your email (if you've set up an account in Mail for Windows 10 before you'll be taken to your email management screen when you click 'Done').


If you’ve entered your username or password incorrectly, you will see a pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen saying “Your *INSERT ACCOUNT NAME* settings are out of date.” just a few seconds after clicking ‘Done’.

To fix this click ‘Done’-then click on ‘Accounts’ from your main mail screen in the left hand menu. In the right hand menu, click on the affected account which should show a message ‘Attention required’ in red below it.

You will be given the choice to click ‘Fix account’ or ‘Change settings’. Whilst ‘Fix account’ sounds like the obvious choice, this will only help if the password is the issue. Instead, please click on ‘Change settings’ to troubleshoot a wider range of issues.

On this screen, you can check the username (email address) and re-enter your password to be sure it is in there correctly. Unfortunately, you cannot edit the username if you see that it is entered incorrectly. If this is the case then please delete the account by clicking on the option you currently have on screen and then begin from the start of this guide.

You can also edit the ‘Account name’ on this screen but this should not have any effect on whether the mailbox works or not. Once you are happy all the information on this screen is correct click ‘Save’. If entered correctly you should see the error message regarding out of date settings disappear.

If you cannot see any mail coming through into your inbox when it should be, or if your sent messages are not going through to where they should, then there is probably something wrong with the ‘mail server settings’ you entered before. If you suspect this, the easiest way to check is to send an email to yourself. If it both appears to send okay and also arrives back into your inbox then you know everything is fine.

Otherwise, click on 'Accounts' from the left hand menu and then click on the relevant email account from the right hand menu to open the settings. From here, click on 'Change mailbox sync settings' as visible in the screenshot above. From here, scroll to the bottom of the window and click on 'Advanced mailbox settings' to expand these options:

Make sure that ‘Incoming email server’ appears EXACTLY as (unless you used POP – see above)

Make sure that Outgoing (SMTP) email server appears EXACTLY as

Make sure that all checkboxes are ticked

And then click on ‘Done’. Test your email again now and everything should be working normally.

If you are still not able to either send or receive email (or both), please contact 123 Reg support to check for any other issues that may be occurring with your mailbox (expired or suspended are two examples of what could be wrong).

If you have already contacted support and know everything is okay, please contact the manufacturer of your PC/Laptop who will be able to support you with your Mail for Windows 10 software. Make sure you have the correct settings (described above) ready when you call them.