How do I install WordPress to my Hosting package?

This FAQ will help you to install WordPress or another one-click app

The below video and step by step instructions will help you to install an app such as WordPress onto your Web hosting package.

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    Log in to your 123 Reg control panel

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    Scroll down to the Web hosting section.

    scroll down to the web hosting section

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    Select your domain name using the drop-down menu and then click on the Manage button.

    select your domain name and click on the manage button

    If you have multiple websites on the same Hosting package, you will be taken to the Manage Shared Hosting page. In this case, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Website Management section. Now select the website you wish to add WordPress for by clicking on the Manage button.

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    This will open your Web hosting control panel. Scroll down the page to the Web Tools section and click the WordPress Blog icon, or the icon for the app you would like to install, such as Joomla or Drupal.

    click on the WordPress blog icon

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    You can now choose whether or not you wish to install your app onto an alternative directory folder on your web hosting package. Leave the Installation directory blank if you wish for your app to be installed straight onto your domain name.

    create username

    For more help on this, have a look at the tutorial video at the top of this FAQ.

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    Click on the link which contains your full URL.

    click on the link with your full domain URL in

    The following instructions apply only to WordPress, if you have installed a different app, follow your app’s onscreen instructions.

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    If you're asked by WordPress about single or multiple installation, choose Single.

    choose single blog installation

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    You will need to give your website a Title, you can then create a username and password.

    create a username and password

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    Enter in your email address and tick the Privacy box if you wish for your website to be indexed in search engines like Google. You can then click on Install Now.

    enter in your email address

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    You will now see a message stating that your WordPress account has been set up. Click on Log In to access your account.

    Click on Log in

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    You will just need to re-enter your username and password and then click on Log In.

    enter your username and password

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    You will now see your WordPress Dashboard. Click on the Customise Your Site button to begin designing your WordPress website.

    WordPress Dashboard