What is Phishing?

Protect yourself, and others, from phishing scams

This FAQ will what Phishing is, and how you can protect yourself from Phishing scams.

Phishing is a form of computer crime which uses spoof email links to illegally obtain personal data from unsuspecting parties.

Phishing scammers speculatively send out fraudulent emails which attempt to trick recipients into revealing sensitive information, like their passwords and credit card details.

These emails masquerade as being from a legitimate company or organisation – and can look convincing, however, they’re fake. Scammers send them to millions of random email addresses, hoping some of the recipients will be customers of the company the message claims to be from.

Avoiding Phishing

The key thing to remember is that no credible company or organisation will ever ask for your confidential details via email.

If you ever receive an email asking you for such information, allegedly sent by 123 Reg, please forward the full email on to abuse@123-reg.co.uk immediately and we’ll investigate at once.

123 Reg will never ask you to verify your username, password or payment details through email.

Our emails do sometimes contain secure links to your 123 Reg control panel. However, if you’d rather not click on any email link, you can always log into your control panel directly and manage your account from there.

Once again, if you ever receive a phishing email claiming to be from 123 Reg please forward it to abuse@123-reg.co.uk immediately, then delete the email from your inbox.

Help 123 Reg stamp out internet fraud and computer crime.

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