How can I create additional FTP accounts in cPanel on my VPS?

This guide will teach you how to create additional FTP users in cPanel on your VPS server

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First, login to the cPanel section by clicking the cPanel icon in the List Accounts in your VPS.

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In the cPanel’s search bar type ftp then click on FTP Accounts.

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A new page will open that will look like this:

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In the Log in field type the name of the FTP user.

Note: The full FTP username would be:

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The next two fields are the Password where you can type a custom password or have one randomly generated using the Password Generator button.

Note: It’s recommended to create a strong password until the Strength slider turns green.

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In the Directory section you need to assign a custom folder (that will be created) or you can type the name of the FTP user.

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You can set the quota for the new user to have the desired free space or you can use it Unlimited.

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Finally, click on the Create FTP Account and you should see a success message.

Note: To delete the newly created user or any other FTP user you have created, click on Delete in the FTP Accounts section: