How do I check my SSL installation?

This article will explain how you can make sure your SSL certificate has been installed correctly.

You can usually check whether your SSL certificate is working as expected by visiting your website. If you can see a padlock icon alongside your site’s URL, then your site is secure.

Padlock icon

If, however, you’re experiencing any of the following issues, please continue reading to see how you can resolve them:

  • Receiving a ‘Not secure’ warning
  • No padlock is appearing

Receiving a ‘Not secure’ warning

If your web browser is warning you that your site isn’t secure, this is usually caused when your HTTPS page features unsecured HTTP content. Fortunately, this means that your SSL certificate has been installed and is working. All you need to do is change any “http://” link on your website to “https://” instead.

No padlock is appearing

Here are the most common fixes for this issue: