How do I modify the contact information for my domain name?

This article will show you how to modify the contact information associated with your domain name.

Please note: for UK domains and gTLDs (i.e. .com, .org, .net, etc) you’ll need to make sure that your domain isn’t locked or has the Domain Ownership Protection service enabled. For details on how to do this, please read our Support articles:

If you wish to amend the contact details for your domain, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


Step 2 of 4

From there, select Domain Names within the ‘Manage active products’ section. Next, choose your domain name from the provided list and then select Manage.

Manage Domain Names


Step 3 of 4

Click Contact details under Domain basics.

Click Contact details


Step 4 of 4

On the next page, make your necessary changes and select Update.


Please note: for .uk domains, you will only be able to amend the postal address, telephone number and email address that is associated with it. The registrant name cannot be updated from the Control Panel, as this must be performed through Nominet’s Online Services.

For .eu domains, you will be able to edit and change any of the details associated with them.

For .be, .fr and CentralNic domains (i.e.,,,, etc), you’ll need to contact our Support team and inform them of the details you wish to change. They will then be able to submit your changes for you.

For .es domains, you’ll need to contact the .es domain registry. Instructions on how to modify the contact details of your .es domain name can be found on the following page.