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There is no better time to get your business a .biz domain and start promoting your business on the Internet. With a .biz domain, you can help grow your business and create a stronger online presence at the same time. So, buy .biz domain names and take advantage of all the benefits of having a .biz domain name.

What is a .biz domain and what is it used for?

.biz domains were created as an alternative extension for businesses that were unable to register an appropriate .com address. Although it was originally intended for businesses, the .biz domain name is now open for anyone to register. When you buy .biz domain names, your site’s visitors will know your business is legit and trustworthy, which is invaluable when doing business online.

Is a .biz domain a good choice?

This short, sharp domain is an excellent option for any professional company. Few other extensions get straight down to business as this one, plus it’s more likely to be available than its .com counterpart. By having such a popular keyword in your web address, you’re also more likely to be found by the right people.

Whether you’re a one person company or an international enterprise, anyone can succeed with .biz!

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