Accessing hidden files via FTP (FileZilla)

This article will show you how to find 'hidden files' within your hosting package via FTP.

Certain files, such as .htaccess files, are ‘hidden’ by default as they contain very important information on how your website operates. That said, these files can still be accessed by using an FTP client.

Please note: we strongly recommend that you back-up your website before you attempt to edit any hidden files.

Although you may use any FTP client, the following instructions apply to FileZilla:

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Start by opening FileZilla.


Step 2 of 3

From there, choose Server from the toolbar and then select Force showing hidden files from the drop-down menu.

Select Force showing hidden files


Step 3 of 3

You should now be able to see all files, including ‘hidden’ files, within the FTP remote window.