How do I sell downloadable products using my Online Shop?

This article applies to 123 Reg Online Shops

This article will explain how to setup a downloadable product in your 123 Reg Online shop.

Please note: You need at minimum Online Shop: 100 to use this feature.

Step 1 of 3

Create your new product as you would normally, then click on the Files tab and finally the Upload Files button.

Upload your files

Step 2 of 3

You will then be able to upload your files up to 100 MB. Click on the Choose Files button. You can add additional files by clicking on the Plus icon. Once you’ve added all your files, click the Upload Files button.

Choose the file to upload

Step 3 of 3

You will see the files you have uploaded – then you can then add descriptions to each file so you can tell your customers what each file is.

Add description