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Christmas opening hours

While many of us at 123-reg are heading off for Christmas, the office won’t be completely deserted. Our dedicated support team will be sticking around to provide help online and on the phone. You’ll be able to contact them as usual: from 9am – 7pm, Monday – Friday, over the whole of the Christmas and New [...]

Preview of new 123-reg webmail

As a special Christmas treat, we’ve decided to give 123-reg customers who read this blog a sneak preview of our exciting new webmail system. It’s fully functional, so you can use it to send and receive email and any settings that you configure should remain when we do the full launch in the new year. Please check it [...]

The hot topics of 2007: Google Zeitgeist

The end of 2007 is just round the corner now, so we’re entering the time of the year that’s crammed with reviews of the last twelve months. One of the more interesting is Google’s annual Zeitgeist: a look at notable search terms from last year. It’s rather US-focused but still worth a look. In Google’s own [...]

Making money from advertising on your web site

I have found that a good place to look for inspiration for topics to write about on this blog is Yahoo! Answers. Here I can see common questions people are asking along with a lot of the misused terminology which helps when you work in an industry and you presume everyone has the same level [...]

New BBC homepage revealed

The BBC’s taken the wraps off its redesigned homepage and made it available to the general public. It hasn’t replaced their existing homepage yet, but you can see the beta version here: We’re not usually in the business of linking to websites just because they’ve had a redesign, but every now and then a site makes some changes and it’s [...]

Total domains now 146 million – VeriSign

Hot on the heels of the November report from Nominet, VeriSign – the global registry operator for .com and .net domains – has released its quarterly report into the state of the domain name industry. Ever wondered how many domains there are? Examining the third quarter of 2007, the report reveals there’s now a total of 146 [...]

140,000 a month? Nominet report reveals all

Towards the end of November, Nominet – the organisation which runs the .uk domain registry – released its domain name industry report. This is the first one they’ve produced – the stated aim is “to share information and insight about trends and developments within our industry”. It paints a fairly interesting picture of the state [...]

Where do website names come from?

I’ve just spotted a good article in the New York Times bemoaning the way websites get named these days. The article’s writer, David Pogue, reckons there’s a real lack of imagination. He puts it down to laziness: “These days, startups take the lazy way out: they choose goofy-sounding nonsense words. They think they’re being clever by being [...]

Top 6…ways to improve your online shop

So you’ve started selling online and you want to maximise your sales. Here are 6 tips that could help: Use clear descriptions and good pictures. If you sell a physical product, it’s important people can see exactly what they’re getting. Describe the product in detail and include clear, well-lit photos – with large versions if [...]

Monkey shine on tree – Part 2

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to get ranked that high in such a short space of time (123-reg is #1 and WebFusion is #2). It’s worth noting that there aren’t any commercial rivals for this search term so both 123-reg’s and WebFusion’s page rank will have helped a lot. 123-reg has a PR of [...]