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The latest domain name news

There’s been lots of interesting news in the domain name world recently. We went a bit quiet here last week (sorry about that), so instead of covering each story individually, here’s a summary of some of the big things that have caught my eye lately: It’s been an eventful couple of weeks in the world [...]

Questions to ask a web designer before you use them

There reaches a stage in many web site owner’s lives where their web design skill set is not at the level they need to fulfill their vision. As a frustrated web designer myself (i.e. I enjoy coding but I have zero eye for design) I have often thought about paying some one else to set [...]

Top 6… old posts you haven’t read yet but you really should

Since we starting writing this blog just under 18 months ago, traffic to this section of 123-reg has been growing steadily each month. Earlier this week I was looking back at some of the earlier posts and thought it was a shame new readers will never come across some of the useful and interesting content [...]

Connectivity growing, security still a problem

Server and networking company Akamai has released the second of its quarterly reports investigating The State of the Internet. Just like the last edition, it examines security issues (including where attacks on websites come from) and significant news items. It also looks at broadband adoption rates and what it calls significant ‘network events’ – I [...]

Sarah Palin’s multi-million dollar domain name

It looks like at least one domain name opportunist is trying to cash in on the coverage surrounding John McCain’s presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. The Alaskan was catapulted onto the world stage last week when she became only the second ever female US vice-presidential candidate. We don’t normally cover US politics in great detail [...]

What happens when you give your email address to everyone who asks for it?

For the last month or so, a bunch of 50 brave (or foolish?) volunteers have opened themselves up to a world of spam. Security company McAfee gave each of them a new laptop and email address, and instructed them to use the internet unprotected for 30 days. I reckon this experiment would have been quite [...]

High-tech crime website makes high-tech blunder

The National High-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) used to investigate serious and organised crimes committed on the internet. In 2006 it became part of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Although the NHTCU ceased to exist about two years ago, its old website (which used to be located at is still linked to by a [...]

Look out Microsoft, Google Chrome is coming

I logged into my RSS reader as usual today to check up on the latest industry news and information. And it’s turned out to be one of those days where every site is reporting the same story. Google is launching its own web browser, to be called Google Chrome. You can read about it on [...]