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Web Hosting Glossary

Web hosting can be at bit overwhelming at times, so we’ve compiled a short glossary of the terms which regularly confuse our customers. If there are any words you feel we’ve missed, please leave them in the comment field and we’ll add them to the glossary. A Record – An A record is part of [...]

If you could have any domain name you like, what would you choose?

Part of the challenge of buying a domain name is juggling alternative spellings and domain extensions to find a decent one. But imagine if none were taken and you could pick any domain name you like. What would you have? And why? CreativeMorning is a regular event which happens in New York. We’ve not been [...]

Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’

Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’ If you use Google AdWords to drive visitors to your website, you might already be aware of an exciting new feature they released last week. Google are calling it ‘Sitelinks’, and it allows you to add lots more links onto your AdWords creative What does it look like? [...]

World’s biggest toy shop in big domain blunder

We imagine the people running the online branch of world famous toy shop Hamleys were feeling a little red-faced last week. Just as the whole world’s thoughts were turning to Christmas shopping and the festive lights in London’s West End were being switched on, the Hamleys website was looking a little, er, switched off. Instead [...]

Domain names become truly international

Big changes are afoot in the world of domain names. By the middle of 2010, the first domains in non-Latin scripts should be up and running. This will make domain names written in Chinese, Cyrillic and Arabic a reality – up till now, domains have only been able to contain Latin characters. This means we’ll [...]