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We all have a bit of trainspotter in us – don’t we? (and there’s no offence intended to trainspotters in that). We all have a little passion, something that focuses our attention more than other things and perhaps even sets us apart from our closest friends or brings us closer together. With most of those [...]

Ask ‘the expert’?

We know we featured Ask Jeeves last week but it does appear they are trying hard to be pro-active in changing the way we use the internet. Looking to take more ground in the search engine sector against Google, Bing and Yahoo, Ask Jeeves have launched a new public beta, which combines  technology and human [...]

The dos and don’ts of choosing a domain

Back in February 2006 freelance software developer Andy Geldman found inspiration in a newspaper article about website addresses with accidental double meanings.  The same day, he coined the phrase Slurls (combining slur with URL), set up a website and started blogging as Chief Slurler hunting for more of these internet unique pockets of humour and [...]

Two years from O day

There’s plenty of coverage today about the London Olympics being two years away, with lots of spin about projects being ahead of schedule. If you don’t believe them the Web cams from around the Olympic Park seem to back those claims up but that’s about it in terms of technology. The Official London 2012 website [...]

Jeeves turns to the Star of stars for latest Facebook Q&A

Apparently Virgos are more likely to turn to their horoscopes than any other star signs. Those born under the symbol of the Virgin between late August and late September are the most avid horoscope fans in the country, according to new research released by search engine Ask Jeeves. The poll of 1,000 people found that [...]

More signs of the success of the Smartphone and Apps

Once the handset of choice, Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia have announced a 40% slump in second quarter profits compared to last year. Although still reflecting a health £191 million for the three months ending in June, the company has also warned it is unlikely to meet its previous financial forecasts. Much of that decline [...]

DJ asks fans to send video footage in

There used to be a time when any ticket for a concert, club night or gig was backed in large letters telling you no photographs or video footage were allowed to be taken at the event. Nowadays it appears you are actively encouraged to do so. At least DJ Tiesto is encouraging his fans to [...]

Mobile app downloads set to rocket

The latest Juniper Research report suggests the world of Apps is set to snowball in the next five years. The report findings estimate that the annual number of consumer-oriented handset downloads is expected to rise from less than 2.6 billion in 2009 to more than 25 billion in 2015. According to the mobile app stores [...]

On the trail of the world’s fastest…

It’s Friday, so we thought you might like a lighter story to brighten up your day at the end of the working week. In case you hadn’t already heard, tomorrow is the day for the World Snail Racing Championships. Held annually for over 35 years at Congham’s Cricket Field in Norfolk, it is the big [...]

Brit office workers dream of own online business

We are a nation of frustrated entrepreneurs according to the latest study by Perhaps inspired by popular TV programmes like Dragon’s Den, over 50 per cent of the UK’s office workers have apparently considered starting their own business, but have been put off by costs and administrative demands. An ambitious, 62 per cent of [...]