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.be what you want to .be

The summer’s over and it’s back to school. Whether you are a pupil, student, teacher or anything else, it is all academic to us, we just love to see you pursuing your dreams. With plenty of costs already associated with a new term we thought you might want some help with you striving to .be [...]

Designing around the fold

We are constantly told first impressions count and in web-terms that is sometimes interpreted as anything important must to be in the browser window when it first loads. From early days the cut-off point became known as  “the fold”  referring back to print terminology and the reading of a broadsheet newspaper. In print it would [...]

SiteFusion: Your design on the web

This blogger has been designing websites for longer than he can care to remember. Pretty basic stuff really, nothing world-leading or over-elaborate. I’ve hand coded, wizarded and learned the wonders of Dreamweaver plus a whole host of other web design tools but my sites have always looked more practical than works of art. It appears [...]

Friday Fun: Unhear it

Ever get a song stuck in your head that just won’t go away and you find yourself humming it for the rest of the day? It’s Not Unusual, and creators behind think they have something to Help. Their solution to aural Satisfaction is to play an equally catchy song that using “reverse-audiotry-melodic-unstickification technology’ means [...]

Brits spending more online

Britain’s online spend hit £5 billion in July of this year reaching its highest yearly growth (18%) since 2007 according to the latest IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index. The latest figures show an average of £81 per person was spent online in July 2010 with a 14% increase on June too. With more than twice [...]