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How has Google Instant affected PPC?

A few weeks Google revealed what many in the search engine community have called a revolution. Google Instant displays the complete search results as you type; ads & organics – the lot. There was a lot of speculation about what effect this would have on the PPC and SEO industry. Some feared the death of [...]

Can Flash and SEO work together?

Most SEO experts will probably tell you that Flash and SEO simply don’t go. Yet, have a trawl though the top listings of most sites and you will certainly find a high percentage of flash-enhanced sites sitting well placed, so there is no exclusivity to either when looking for search engine rankings. This fact highlights [...]

5 Free Online Tools to Measure Social Media Success

With Social Media becoming the buzz phrase of the marketing world it can be easy to muck in and get involved in the conversation and lose sight of where you’re going or where you’ve been with it. In light of this, we’ve selected 5 of the simplest and FREE online tools to measure the progress [...]

Top six weird or disturbing mobile apps

According to Apple, you can get hundreds of thousands of apps for your iPhone. And there are tens of thousands of titles available if you have a mobile phone which uses Google’s Android system. As you’d expect given the choice, there are plenty of useful apps. And there are plenty of lists to help you [...]

Friday Fun: Smile and the world smiles with you

Today is World Smile Day. You didn’t know? OK, maybe it’s not quite up there with some of the promoted days we seem to regularly enjoy nowadays but having stumbled across their website we thought we should share it. The creation of the yellow smilie icon was accredited to US commercial artist Harvey Ball back [...]