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A new way to get help from 123-reg

We’ve previously mentioned the top questions our support team gets asked. And now we’ve introduced a new way for you to get to the bottom of any problems with your 123-reg services. Because, let’s face it, we all need a bit of help sometimes. Three steps to problem solved Our new online Self Diagnosis Tool [...]

Mobile boosting custom – you bet!

One online bookmaker yesterday showed just how important the mobile market can be to certain sectors, announcing that gambling on the go was rapidly increasing with the popularity of smartphones, and the uptake was helping increase overall profits. On current trends the number of new smartphones being shipped is set to outstrip the sales of [...]

Top 123-reg support queries

Our support team deals with a whole variety of questions from customers. We’ve probably covered every conceivable query at some point, from changing where a domain name points and managing web hosting to getting going with a dedicated server. We track every customer query to make sure we’re providing a good service – and we [...]

King of the Domains

In case you missed it, Prince William (second in line to the British throne) is to marry Kate Middleton, probably some time next year. If you did miss it, the chances are you also missed the opportunity to bag a domain name that ties in with the big day. Domain speculators have gone Wills and [...]

Population literally Russian for new domain

The half a million registrations mark has been hit less than a week since general registration opened for the new internationalized domain name .рф (which stands for Российская Федерация, or Russian Federation in English). A figure that far exceeds expectations. The figures come from  the Coordination Center for .ru/.рф who had hoped to reach a [...]

A Messaging Experience

That’s the detail of the newly unveiled “modern messaging system” from Facebook. But what does it all mean? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggests it is based on the way high school students communicate. According to their recent feedback to him they don’t like email “It’s too formal” Zuckerberg noted. Yet, Zuckerberg was also at pains [...]

Are you vulnerable to online scams?

knowthenet – a new online advice site funded by Nominet -  has launched a Threat Test designed to assess an Internet user’s vulnerability to a variety of common online scams. Security experts,  have developed the online quiz to assesses a person’s ability to identify different types of Internet scams and gives them an online safety [...]

Leaders in Social Media

So the Queen has her own Facebook page and it has rapidly picked up followers in its first couple of days – nearly 200,000 and rising. Yet many of the world’s leaders and monarchs have been using social media for much longer and have much more substantial followings – especially on Twitter. There for example, [...]

What economic crunch?

A new report from business advisory firm Deloitte, predicts that despite the economic position of many, retail spending in the UK will increase by 1% year on year this Christmas. Retail sales are expected to top £37 billion this December but 2011 is set to be a more difficult time as disposable income takes a [...]

Friday Fun: Fireworks online

Remember, Remember it’s the 5th of November, so that means fireworks! After being invented by the Ancient Chinese as a way of scaring off evil spirits during important events and festivities us Brits adopted them as a way of celebrating the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot many year later. Now it seems fireworks are almost [...]