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New Year around the world

So 2010 is nearly up and 2011 just around the corner. Whatever you are up to there is something magical about seeing people across the globe enjoying new year festivities. Countdown to the New Year across the world. Of course, New Year begins early in certain parts of the world and you might be interested [...]

Personalise your Facebook profile

Early December this year, Facebook introduced an update to present everyone with new layouts to their profiles and walls which made posting status updates slightly different in format. Since then, customised profiles have been popping up around the place and we thought you might like to know how you can produce something as elegant as [...]

Facebook is UK number one

Amidst the Christmas excitement and slower news updates across the internet, one story appears to have gone past without too much notice. And it was pretty big news from our point of view, suggesting the way we are using the internet is changing. A report from Experian Hitwise on Christmas Day traffic indicated that in [...]

It’s Christmas….

One more sleeps as the kids around here (big and little) appear to want to tell everybody. Yes, today is Christmas Eve, the day before the most exciting day of the year for small children across the world. So how do you cope with the excitement? How do you pass the waiting hours? We’ve found [...]

Using Social Media to get you away this Christmas

If you are one of millions hoping to take to the air, rail or roads in the next couple of days in the Christmas getaway, tuning in to social media is likely to be the best way to stay up to date with how things are moving. Whether you are planning a holiday, trip abroad [...]

UK domain name registrations still rising

If you are reading this then the chances are you already own a .uk domain name – one of 9 million .uk domain names that have been registered. The 9 millionth .uk domain was registered last week and the .uk domain continues to be one of the most important country specific domains. The total number [...]

Grandma we love you…and she ‘Like’s that

A new American report suggests that the way the internet is used is changing as different age groups find new avenues to make the most of being online. The Pew Internet and American Life Project Generations 2010 report out yesterday shows US teenagers abandoning blogs and their grand-parents flooding to Facebook, as internet usage across [...]

Worth making a song (and dance) about?

Opera 11 has arrived. In the past year Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers have seen a noticeable improvement in user stats. Wrestling control of the market from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox could be possible and now Norway-based Opera has issued its own latest upgrade, hoping to pick back up the estimated 1% [...]

Procrastination: Will we ever get round to ending it?

Hands-up straight away, we’ve been meaning to write this for ages, but put it off. As the year draws to an end it is perhaps time to look at procrastination, the ‘thief of time’. The reason so many of those big plans for 2010 never got off the ground. In the modern world with so [...]

They know what you’ve been looking at

Online porn is still amongst the most top uses for the internet and while many do so trying to keep it secret, a Californian law suit currently before the courts might see more admitting to their vice. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a class action has been filed in the U.S. District Court [...]