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The internet community are a resourceful bunch

In an attempt to deal with their in-country civil unrest the Egyptian authorities have pretty much pulled the plug on all internet connectivity last week, but that’s stopped the more resourceful types getting online. Following  an order of the existing ruling regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to close down ISPs in the country, only [...]

Doing amazing things with Microsoft Kinect

Regular readers might remember that we’ve mentioned Microsoft’s impressive new games controller, Kinect, before – and might even recall that we gave one away in last year’s Christmas competition. If you haven’t run into it previously, Kinect differs from other games controllers in that you don’t actually need to hold anything to use it. Using [...]

The internet is here to stay – hopefully

The internet really is part of our every day lives. Even your technophobe gran or principled uncle would probably be surprised to learn how their own lives even indirectly are reliant on the use of the internet. This week that has been even further highlighted by two stories. Yesterday, the BBC were reporting the possibility [...]

Is Facebook set to unify platforms?

As more and more applications are developed and consumers continue to be led by social media, could it be that instead of HTML5 driven websites, 2011 will become all about developing enhanced presences on Facebook for your business? It seems online retailer ASOS certainly have that thought in their mind. They have announced that they [...]

Doh! Main mistake

We’ve covered these sorts of stories time and time again and we even suggested it would happen again this year,  so you may have thought the chances of a big brand hitting the headlines by failing to renew their domain properly would be pretty remote. Yet week three of the year and we are reporting [...]

Why AdSense makes sense

If you have a portfolio of dormant domains and are not yet putting them to use with our 123-reg Parking scheme you may consider spending a few hours of your time developing a basic site and signing it up for Google Adsense. Adsense is perhaps Google’s lesser known advertising programs. The more familiar Google Adwords [...]

Twitter the newshound – but wrong…

Only last week we warned about the problems of tweeting without fully thinking or checking what you were tweeting. Now today comes the story of a Fashion assistant of online retailer ASOS who posted a fairly innocent tweet – since deleted but viewable through archives at EquisiteTweets – that has set Twitter alight with even [...]

Mobilising retailers

In some parts of the rural UK traditional mobile shops still exist – a van or lorry ladened up with a whole range of produce and items for those to whom a trip to the corner shop could be many miles away. Yet, the modern mobile shop is very different. In fact it is the [...]

Tweet only when you are sure

Only one full week of the new year has passed but it was already full of stories of Twitter account usage that has caused outrage. Two footballers Marvin Morgan (then of Aldershot Town) and Ryan Babel (Liverpool) hit the headlines for Twitter postings that went beyond the realms of acceptability for public figures, enflaming the [...]

Domain name predictions for 2011

(Image courtesy of gwire under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.) The start of the year is traditionally a time when bloggers make foolhardy predictions, thus putting themselves at risk of ridicule in the next end-of-year roundup. We’ve never been ones to shun such an opportunity, so here’s what we think 2011 has in store for [...]