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Six tips for helping others

If you are reading this then the chances you are fairly computer savvy if not expert. What that also probably means is that any older members of your family and extended family quite possibly see you as an expert in computers even if you are not. Have a think how many times have you had [...]

Too much hype about IP?

Thinking of launching a hate campaign against a rival? Or illegally downloading copyright-protected films via the internet? If you believe Hollywood or even some quasi-government spin then you’d think that the police can reliably trace suspects via their IP addresses. Well apparently they can, but not necessarily with any accuracy. We obviously don’t want to [...]

The birth of a new domain name

You might have noticed that we’ve launched a few new domain name extensions on 123-reg over the last year or so. Most recently, it’s been the turn of .so domains – you’ll be able to register domain names ending in .so from 1 April 2011. (No, we didn’t have any choice over the date. And [...]

Goodbye 3G here comes 4….although not soon enough

Among the budgetary announcements this week, plans for an auction of new a new 4G spectrum next year were revealed. After the 3G (third generation) sell-off off of bandwidth a decade ago helped off-set government spending to the tune of £22.5 million, the Chancellor will be hoping there is a similar amount to be made [...]

On the internet nobody knows if you are a dog…They will now

When Peter Steiner included the phrase “On the internet nobody knows if you are a dog“ in his cartoon that featured in the 5th July 1993 issue of The New Yorker, little did he realise the great fame and fortune it would bring him, nor that nearly 18 years down the line it would be still [...]

123-reg fun day

Recently we’ve been writing more and more about social media so we sat down and thought: “You know what, let’s give something to our social media followers.” …so tada! Here it is. We’re giving away 100 .info domain names for free on Facebook in our 123-reg fun day. To be in with a chance of [...]

The Twitterati of Britain

Charlie Sheen has recently shown how fame, fortune and eccentricity go a long way to creating a large Twitter following but have you ever wondered who the most influential Tweeters are in this country?  Who are Britain’s Twitterati? The recently launched i paper from the Independent stable has this week published a very interesting Twitter [...]

Digital investment required for business success

Fire protection consultants, online bespoke jewellery retailers, some web designers and a smattering of builders, financial advisers and digital marketing consultants: The annual Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Conference currently being attended by some of the 123-reg team in Liverpool is an example of the diversity of the British economy. The fact that each and [...]

How Microsoft misjudged the Twitter sell

We’ve blogged about individual bloopers in the Twittersphere before, but this week even one of the world’s biggest names in IT forgot the adage to ‘think before you tweet’. While the world news media reported one of the worst natural disasters ever, Microsoft’s Bing team committed a faux pas by creating a Twitter campaign that [...]

Innovation in Social Media marketing

If you still needed convincing that the way marketeers are using social media is ever changing then check Jennifer Whitehead’s blog on Revolution’s The Wall blogosphere. She writes “after recommending to a friend via Twitter that she read David Mitchell’s latest novel, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, I was tweeted at by the [...]