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New map shows broadband slow spots – but here are our best broadband tools

Communications regulator Ofcom has published a colourful online map showing the state of broadband in the UK. It shows broadband take-up in each area, average connection speeds and what percentage of homes can’t even manage a paltry 2Mbps speed. (In 2009 the government said everyone should be able to get a 2Mbps connection by 2012, [...]

WordPress 3.2 upgrade: Impressive but not for older customers

WordPress 3.2 or ‘Gershwin’ as it has being titled, is here, with over 330,000 downloading  the upgrade in the first 24 hours (Have you upgraded your version?) but owners Automatic  who have been promoting it as ‘lighter and faster’ haven’t been as vocal about how it may affect a blogs user base. While 3.2 brings [...]

Twitter in search for bike thieves

We’ve reported before on the success of Twitter in reaching a wider audience and now we report how one man is turning to the power of Twitter to catch the thieves of his newly purchased bicycle. James Jones had only owned his £500 new bike a few days when he saw two thieves removing it [...]

The future of media is online

News this week reaches us of world records being broken by a Norwegian online travel documentary, which suggests demand for online video is across a diverse audience and that includes live streaming. Non-stop live coverage has been streamed of a voyage (over 134 hours) by cruise ship MS Nordnorge operated by Norwegian firm Hurtigruten from [...]

Meet the 123-reg Blog Team

You probably know our first names, you may even have a feel for our voices, but we thought it was about time we let you know a bit more about the writing team here at 123-reg. Tim Fuell is a former investigative journalist and qualified lawyer, turned social media fanatic who now oversees the 123-reg [...]