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Facebook’s Gestures will make more businesses like them

Facebook is about to get more important for Business. Fact. I quite often hear people saying “Yeh, but Facebook is for family and friends not business, right?” and then normally spend the next 10 or 20 minutes to convince them it isn’t so. It doesn’t always work. To many, the informality of Facebook, the way [...]

6 Tips on Colour for Web Designers

If ever there was a single factor in web design that could alienate or entrance a client in one hit, it is colour. Colour schemes are incredibly emotive things and have many connotations to different people so here are 6 tips to try and help you get it right first time. 1. Ask the client [...]

Video interview with Laura Rigney co-founder of MumpreneurUK

If you read our blog of yesterday you will know that we attended the very successful MumpreneurUK annual Conference and Awards over the weekend. While we were there, we caught up with co-founder Laura Rigney and asked her what MumpreneurUK is all about, why mumpreneurs are overcoming the current economic crisis and what it takes [...]

Mumpreneurs are leading the way

If ever the politicians needed an example of how British resolve will pull the country clear of these sad ecomomic times, they needn’t look much further than the working mum (or dad). It sounds clichéd but most parents would do anything for their kids and whereas once that used to be taking on a couple [...]

The true cost of cyber crime

A new infographic from anti-virus company Kaspersky Labs suggests the cost of an individual’s lax approach to online security could be over US$2,000 with criminals able to make more money from any initial loss to the hacked individual. As revealed by this blog on ExpertReviews once your security has been compromised the average cyber criminal [...]

The future of TV is connected

We’ve written before about how the way people view and use TV is changing, but the focus of interest for visitors at the latest IFA electronics fair in Berlin perhaps offered the biggest insight into the future. It was not the further advanced 3DTV stands, where the 3D experience can be obtained without the need [...]

9 tips for setting up your first YouTube campaign.

YouTube is massive. As a stand alone search engine it’s the second largest. It is the third biggest online destination behind Facebook and Google. Those facts alone mean that is has to be a part of your online media mix. But when consider how engaging video is, YouTube becomes even more important. Consumers like watching [...]

Failure to renew really can prove costly

We’ve not run with a story for a while of somebody nearly losing their business by failing to re-new their domain name, so we thought this story last week from the other side of the world was worth repeating. Last week was sold at auction for an Australian domain name record of Aus$125,000, a [...]

You tube, we tube, on YouTube

  The official 123-reg YouTube channel has arrived offering some funky and informative videos aimed at helping people understand domain names. Built as a series of 5 short animated presentations, our opening batch of videos have been  designed as the perfect introduction to domain names, how they work and how to get one for beginners [...]

Open-source software is thriving and driving the web

This week, Joomla announced that its open source content management system has passed the 25 million download mark. Joomla claims some 2.7 percent of the web runs Joomla and it is not just being used by small businesses or start-ups looking for a cheap alternative. The modular appeal and proven stability means it has been [...]