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Inbound Marketing

Increasing the impact of your content Traditionally marketing has employed outbound marketing tactics such as cold calling, advertising, emails and direct mailing. These methods have become increasingly less effective as people are getting much better at blocking them using simple things like caller ID or spam filters. Out bound marketing is when you go outwards [...]


How To Pick The Best

Selecting social networks for your business Businesses are investing more and more time and money into promotion, lead generation and alternate customer service on social networks. However, before putting a budget aside for social media, ensure that you’re choosing the right networks for your business. There’s no point in building a pretty house with a [...]

Enjoy the next year it ‘Mayan’ be the last

Goodbye. Or at least possibly goodbye in 12 months time. Not that we want to go, but December 21st 2012 is the end of the calendar, there are no more dates beyond this. The ancient Mayan civilization, who once had an empire stretching from Central Mexico to Guatemala, pretty much invented the calendar system – [...]


Generate media coverage

Spreading your word via social media A lot of journalists and popular bloggers use Twitter to find subjects for articles. Twitter even published a “Twitter for Newsrooms”, a guide dedicated to reporters and bloggers that includes resources and tips on how to use Twitter to find stories and sources easier and faster. Online marketers can [...]

Top six tweets and Facebook updates of 2011

If you follow us on Twitter or check our updates on Facebook, you’ll have seen us post lots of interesting stories and links this year. In typical ‘review of the year’ fashion, we’ve trawled back to bring you six of our updates that were most shared or retweeted: Don’t make it easy for burglars! You [...]


Failing? – The biggest mistakes you can make in social media

Almost every company out there is trying to use social media to build an online reputation and promote its business. But what happens when these companies don’t make an effort or, on the other hand, they try too hard? In a world where it only takes a few seconds and 140 characters for news to [...]

.uk Industry – Nominet by Numbers

Nominet has launched its first edition of The Domain Business, an industry report from the .uk registry on the exciting state of the domain name industry – and there are some interesting statistics. Did you know? .uk is the second largest ccTLD (9.7 million domain names) Nearly 1 in 4 of .uk business websites are [...]


Ecommerce on Facebook

Developing a strategy that sells goods, services and brand How to generate revenue from Facebook. Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Today brands are investing more and more money on this platform in order to attract new clients and generate revenue. Nowadays, the success of a company is no longer measured by the numbers [...]


Dealing with negative comments

Turning criticism to a positive Every company, big or small, is dealing with negative online reviews or posts from customers. It’s impossible to make every customer happy. However, it’s about how you manage to turn those negative comments in to opportunities. If you run scared, you will not only lose that client, but also those [...]