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Will Google answer the ROI of Social Media?

It’s a question still asked in board rooms, on conference calls and in face-to-face meetings probably a thousand times a day. What is the ROI of Social Media? Google as ever love to listen and offer solutions and it’s aim is to answer that question with the latest update to Google Analytics. The nature of [...]

Was it a Budget for Business?

This week’s Budget setting out the Government’s updated economic strategy wasn’t packed with too many surprises, but did you spot the main elements that may affect your business? Whatever your politics, here’s our quick run down of the main points you may like to look at in more depth. You can find full details of [...]

Could a hacker really kill your website … and your business?

When you’re dealing with the day-to-day issues of running a website (not to mention running a business), worrying about security can come way down your list of priorities. And that’s understandable: if your website’s never been hacked or attacked, it’s hard to grasp quite how much damage it can cause. After all, why would hackers [...]

.UK is the place to be

Last week the .uk registry, Nominet, announced that it had surpassed the landmark of 10 million domains to re-inforce its position as the world’s second largest country code registry. Here at 123-reg , as the UK’s largest .uk Registrar we are very proud to have played and continue playing such a big role in the [...]

Have you got your Nominet Awards nomination in?

There’s less than a month left for entry submissions to the Nominet Internet Awards so what are you waiting for? The annual awards recognise and raise awareness of UK businesses, charities, individuals and public and private sector organisations that are making a difference on, or through, the internet. Every year the awards highlight the great [...]

Why coffee shops enhance creativity

The chances are if you are running your own business, you regularly have business meetings or at least meet business contacts in coffee shops. Even if you have an office, it is often more convenient and being less formal, more friendly. Amazingly, these sort of meetings are also very fruitful – they must be or [...]

Six reasons you should be using Google+ for your Business

We all know the power of Google and while it has dipped toes into the social media sphere before and failed, this time, with Google + most of the experts are taking notice and suggesting they’ve got it right. But why? 1. It’s indexed by Google This clearly means that anything you put there, any [...]

6 top tips on creating tantalising text for your site

Possibly the last thing you will think about when designing your new look website is the font and format of the text on your site, but it is probably the most important part of the site and the design. Text needs to be mixed with images and white space but too jumbled and your site [...]

Facebook stats go real-time

While all the attention from last week’s Facebook announcements has been on the adoption of timeline for Business Pages – have you seen our new look page? – the biggest impacting tweak appears to have gone fairly unreported – and it’s good news for Business too. It has long been an fact that while social [...]