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Women lead the way in engagement

The battle of sexes continues in the virtual world and it’s the fairer sex that leads the way according to the latest report from Nielsen. STATE OF THE MEDIA SPRING 2012 – ADVERTISING & AUDIENCES PART 2: BY DEMOGRAPHIC released today is a US-centric study on who is engaging and where and it throws up [...]

How to be better at just about everything

OK, so you won’t learn how to cook gourmet meals or how to fly a space rocket from reading this blog, but you hopefully will at least be on the right road to success. The key to success is being more effective in what you do and the key to being effective is by being [...]

Are you Olympic proof?

Love them or loathe them the London Olympics are set to have an impact on everything we do this summer and with just over three months to go until “London 2012” the impact on business is beginning to become clear. UK parcel delivery companies are already preparing to cope with traffic flow issues across the [...]

Is the EU’s cookie law confusing you too?

You might remember that in May last year some new EU rules came into force. Dubbed the ‘EU cookie law’, the legislation says websites have to get permission from users before storing pieces of information called cookies on their computers. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files which websites place on visitors’ computers. They’re [...]

Tweet to become Tweetable

They say practice makes perfect and the same is very true in the Twittersphere. The reason Stephen Fry and Richard Bacon still have such strong Twitter followings is in much part due to the fact that they have been doing it so long they understand the medium better than anyone else. For the Twitterati it [...]

Getting geeky with Google

It seems everybody under the sun knows how to use Google nowadays. Whereas once you could shine and show colleagues and family how to make the most of the internet, now Googling is almost as natural as brushing your teeth – whatever your age and experience. Yet, there are still some hidden Google talents that [...]

Nominet Awards deadline extended – last few days!

Last month we gave you a heads up about the pending closing date of the Nominet Awards 2012 being April 12th… well if you missed it you are in luck. The deadline has been extended by a few more days and entries now close on April 16th (on Monday). So don’t delay,  get your application [...]

One, Two, Three plan – the importance of your business plan

Your business plan is probably the most important document you will ever create during the life of your business and yet you are expected to create it before you have even got things under way. That often makes it appear more scary than it really is, so here’s 6 top tips from us on how [...]

I’m a .Pro you know

Taking countless exams and years of study – often in your ‘spare time’ not only shows dedication but also a high level of specialism in your chosen subject. That’s why becoming a qualified professional is something 1) you should be proud of 2) potential customers should be able to identify immediately. In domain terms now [...]

Don’t give up on email

Last week the case for email got several boosts across the globe. While the Royal Mail announced a massive rise in the cost of a first-class stamp, highlighting the decline of snail mail thanks mainly to the use of email, the experts and latest surveys suggest that email is still the top dog and likely [...]