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Iain Lee - The Magic of the Internet

The Iain Lee Column: The Magic of the Internet

I have been struggling to recall what life was like before the internet, and I honestly can’t remember much of it at all. It’s just a hazy blur of moping around, standing at bus stops and reading things that I believe we used to call books. Sounds hideous, doesn’t it? The www has enriched our [...]

Why You Need to Get to Grips with Google+ Local

You’ve heard all the furore about Google’s (relatively) new social platform, your online marketing manager or agency has explained the implications for search, and your business now has a page on the network; it’s time to start making the most of the features it offers. One of these features is Google+ Local, a new combination [...]

Guilty until proven innocent – Is the Digital Economy Act fair?

The long awaiting legislation proposals to combat internet piracy were always going to be controversial but the announcement this week of the new rules underpinning the Digital Economy Act have set forums and social networks alight with opposition. The DEA has been controversial from the start, approved in 2010 and intended to crack down on [...]

No more spam, please! How can you stop getting spam emails?

Spam email is so irritating! It’s also time-consuming because you have to go and delete each and every unwanted email if no other anti-spam method works. You’re probably tired of seeing your email invaded by offers for pharmaceutical products, adult services or loans. So, what can you do to stop getting spam emails? The bad [...]

Google + – Why building your circles is the key to success

After a redesign in April 2012, Google+ is gradually increasing its presence in the vast array of social media. One feature of the social network that stands out from other platforms are ‘Circles’. What are the purpose of Circles? Ultimately to organise people and share information with the relevant target audience. Google state that Circles [...]

Why short domain extensions are better

We live in the world of social media and we have to do everything we can to adapt. This is a world where over 400 million tweets are shared every single day and each message has no more than 140 characters. If you’re using Twitter often, you know how difficult it is to convey your [...]

The ultimate nightmare. What does being blacklisted by Google mean to your business?

Did you know that Google blacklists 6,000 websites every single day? You might be doing everything white-hat and running your business website according to Google’s rules but still experience the ultimate ordeal – being blacklisted by Google. If you are excluded from Google’s index, your website will disappear and no one will be able to [...]

Multivariate testing: how to prove your website changes work

For many big internet companies – Amazon, say, or Google – the idea that there’s a single version of their website is laughable. That’s because these firms are constantly experimenting with different designs, layouts, colours, processes or text. By using website analysis and optimisation tools, these companies can create multiple variants of a page and [...]

When is a blog not a blog…?

When it’s a fully functioning website. The concept of blog hosting should be taken as a mere description of the tools available at your disposal and not the content you are going to use it for. Yes, WordPress and the like were designed to primarily host blogs and they do that very well, but it [...]

Euro 2012: Top 5 iTunes Download Football Apps

  Tonight England takes on Sweden in their second game of Euro 2012, hoping for their first win in the competition. With iTunes applications there is now no reason you should miss any of this intriguing matchup, nor any of the rest of the tournament. We all know that the mobile phone app industry has [...]