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Using books as an SEO tool

Search engine optimisation is all about online, the latest buzzwords, etc., right? Wrong. Natural search is very dependant upon natural use of language. Understanding how people use language will help you understand how they will search, which in turn should help you pinpoint the words and phrases most likely to get you some decent natural [...]

Iain Lee - The Magic of the Internet

Sax man, dogs and fighting

Let’s just dive straight in shall we? I’m not going to mess around and tease you, instead, boom, I’m going to give you one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen, the Sexy Sax Man But while the Sexy Sax man takes on an epic journey into the world of the [...]

6 Top Tips for success from those who know

We all want to be a success. We all have different ways we think we can achieve it. There’s no right or wrong answer but what about those who have already proven their success? Here’s six top tips to making your start-up business a success from those in the know: Simon Hughes MP Deputy Leader [...]

Could Your Website Be Blacklisted by Google?

Even if you’ve never heard of the Google Safe Browsing service, you’ve probably used it. Chrome, Firefox and Safari all incorporate the service into their browsers. Services like Trust Inn also use it to help their users know when to avoid a particular website. Here’s how it works in a browser. When you click on [...]

Malware: From a bizarre hobby to organised cyber-crime

This week it’s Malware Awareness week here are 123-reg. So, we thought we’d take you through the evolution of malware throughout the years so you can see how much more dangerous it has become. From ‘innocently annoying’… Malware has evolved plenty from a bizarre hobby for computer geeks to profitable organised cyber-crime. Digital threats are [...]

The easy website builder: Adding Social Media widgets to your site

When I’m a fan of a website, whether it’s an online clothing shop, a travel agency or a restaurant, I usually become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I think that’s what we all do so we can engage with them and to ensure we don’t miss any of their offers. Everything [...]

How to choose a browser

Gone are the days where we all lived with the default install, the internet is where many of us spend the majority of our time these days so user an interface (browser) that connects how you want it to is important. Consider it a bit like choosing a house or an office, you want to [...]

6 trends in e-commerce you need to know

The world of retail is in its biggest transition since the adopting of the barcode scanner over hand-held pricing guns. Even small corner shops are now more likely to use the former, although there will always be a handful of retailers who hold on firmly to tradition. The current transition, the consumer move from physical [...]

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Will Web 3.0 literally reach out to customers?

Web 1.0 connected parts of the world and communities in ways that few had every imagined but it was flat and one-dimensional. Where once a letter may have taken weeks to be delivered, an email could be sent almost instantaneously but it was still only really old technology being pushed in a new format. Web [...]

Interview: Fighting Malware with Anirban Banerjee

2012 continues to be a year of great excitement for 123-reg. We are thrilled to announce the release of Site Scanner, powered by Stop the Hacker. For those not in the know, Site Scanner is a SaaS based malware monitoring tool that scrutinises a user’s website, notifying the customer when malicious code/viruses are found via [...]