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Are you aware of new Gmail updates?

2013 has been a year of significant change for users of Gmail. Earlier in the year, Google began filtering newsletters into separate folders within user’s inboxes. Last month, Google announced that images will now be cached in newsletter emails – a change that caught some by surprise. Gmail’s newsletter changes It is important that emails [...]

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Why a mobile-ready site will rank higher

More users are accessing your site from their mobile devices which means you need to provide them with a website experience that’s optimised for these devices. If you don’t, you’re not only chasing visitors away but your rankings might suffer as well. In addition, if your competitors have a mobile-optimised site, they will receive better [...]

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Getting your domain and website mobile quickly

Smartphone and tablet ownership in the UK is on an ever-rising curve and even those who previously saw themselves as technology-challenged are going on line thanks to the ease of use of mobile devices.
That means a potential bigger audience than ever for your website – but only if your site is mobile ready and optimised.

Mobile users free to roam – well nearly

  Thinking of booking next year’s summer holiday? If you are a heavy mobile user you may want to make sure you travel after 1 July 2014 when a new ruling – voted for last week by the European commission – will see an end to roaming charges within the European Union, across all 27 [...]

Interview with Jonathan Brealey: Real Business Stories and Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Brealey is one of the key figures in the UK hosting market over the past decade, starting his career in the industry in 1997. At this time Jonathan realised that even though the Internet was becoming increasingly popular, web hosting services were predominantly technical in nature. Jonathan and his brother Tim set out to [...]

Euro 2012: Top 5 iTunes Download Football Apps

  Tonight England takes on Sweden in their second game of Euro 2012, hoping for their first win in the competition. With iTunes applications there is now no reason you should miss any of this intriguing matchup, nor any of the rest of the tournament. We all know that the mobile phone app industry has [...]

Worldwide Smartphone Boom: How Businesses and Social Media Benefit

Trying to collate user information for Facebook and Twitter can be slightly tricky at best. If for arguments sake we accept that Facebook has in excess of 750 million users and Twitter has just recently passed the 100 million mark, we can say with a large amount of confidence that these sites command a great [...]

Mobile design does not forgive!

Image source: icelava Nowadays we no longer depend on a PC to check emails, interact on social networks, check flights, and shop online. We can do that and a lot more with a mobile device, and we can do it no matter where we are – in a bus, in a store or in a [...]

Truly free public WiFi?

As it battles to retain a hold on the mobile phone market Nokia has announced a deal to offer free wi-fi in London. Partnering with Spectrum Interactive, Nokia is to launch a two-month trial of a free wi-fi service in central London. If the trial proves successful, there are plans to extend the service in [...]

Government statistics show mobile web on the move

Wave after wave of reports indicate to us that the UK population are using their mobile phone to access the web an every increasing amount. Now however official government figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) prove it too. Nearly half (45 per cent) of Internet users accessed the Internet via a mobile phone [...]