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Tim Fuell

Tim Fuell is a former investigative journalist and qualified lawyer, turned social media fanatic who now oversees the 123-reg blog. After writing his Masters thesis on the topic of cybersquatting back in 1998, he has seen the internet develop before his eyes from dial-up bulletin boards to the beast it is today. You can find Tim on Google+

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Small businesses with solid exit plans mean less stress


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Credit: Chris Griffith / Flickr

Starting a business is the easy bit. Working out where your empire is heading and where your role will end is probably the hardest part. Whether you are just starting up your business or your business has been going for years, you should always have in mind where you are heading with it all. You…

Six social media quick fix tips for your brand


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Social Media Icons

You take your car to the garage. Maybe it’s a full service or just an annual MOT but it is at least a look over and reassessment of the tool you have and a consideration of what might need the odd tweak. You probably also take yourself off to see the doctor, or the dentist…

3 more ways to instantly make your WordPress more secure


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Wordpress icon

We previously highlighted three quick and simple changes to your WordPress that can instantly heighten the security of your WordPress installation and hopefully you have already made the necessary changes. There’s never any harm in going for a belt and braces approach however and the following three additional tips will help keep your WordPress installation…

How to be a more efficient entrepreneur


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Entrepreneur's toolkit

You’ve made the commitment to run your own business, you are juggling the work / life balance, you may even be holding down a ‘real’ job at the same time. Be warned, it’s a tiring combination. There never seems to be enough time in the day and although the rewards are great, even the most…

A broken SSL could prove costly to your ranking


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Google made the importance of HTTPS as a ranking factor known to webmasters at the back end of last year. SSLs are increasingly important in building your web presence and more and more sites are rightly adopting HTTPS as standard. Webmasters are clearly keen to respond to Google’s suggestions, while searchers will no doubt be increasingly…

Knowing your market, is a building block to success


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igloobooks bookspines

From a simple home start-up, to award winning independent publisher inside a decade is impressive. Publishing over 400 books per year, over 3,000 editions in 37 different languages, shipped globally from converted farm buildings in the depths of the Northamptonshire countryside; Igloo Books is something of a success story of which CEO and founder John…

3 ways to instantly make your WordPress more secure


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The popularity of WordPress means that it not only attracts bloggers and people who use it to run full websites, but also hackers attempting to access sites for their own gain. While using a reputable and reliable host like 123-reg helps protect against many potential attacks, any website is vulnerable to a committed hacker. Hackers…

Social numbers – do they matter?


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SEO and social media

You’ve taken to social media to market and enhance your business profile. You are following all the advice all the rules and all the trends, but is it really working? In the data-driven world in which we now live, the logical test would perhaps be to look at figures, at the various numbers that are…

6 ways to be a social media star in 2015 whatever your size


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6 ways to be a social media star

Social media will play an even bigger part in our lives and in our business success during 2015. What happens on online and how you control it will play a massive role in the future success of your business. Social media will be at the heart of every successful small business. Of course, that’s fairly…

Using a domain to build a business relationship – .london


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In the property investment sector, image is important and as a start-up even more so, even if it has been established by experienced industry experts with individual proven track records. For Josh Gordon, one of the founding directors at GS8, getting that branding right was essential. “We’re property investors / developers primarily focused in London,…