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Why your customers reviews online are vital

Online purchasing has gone through the roof in recent years and continues to rise. With online buying comes new ways of supporting those purchase choices with the online mindset playing a big role in that too. The number of online recommendations have also rapidly increased, through social media posts about good customer service or announcements [...]

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6 Simple Tricks to make your Workspace more fun

Even we will admit, working can get to be a bind sometimes. However much you love your job, being stuck in the same old office, day-in, day-out takes it’s toll. Here’s 6 top tips on how to ensure where you work doesn’t get you down (as we realise we can’t all have a boardroom located [...]

You still may get the domain you want

Back in November in our entrepreneur interview we posted an interview with Matt Mansell of our sister company MeshDigital. In the interview he described his own story of building up his domain profile to match his brands and how important that was to the business and its success.  As Matt points out from his own [...]

Malware: From a bizarre hobby to organised cyber-crime

This week it’s Malware Awareness week here are 123-reg. So, we thought we’d take you through the evolution of malware throughout the years so you can see how much more dangerous it has become. From ‘innocently annoying’… Malware has evolved plenty from a bizarre hobby for computer geeks to profitable organised cyber-crime. Digital threats are [...]

Tesco make fitting move

Virtual fitting rooms are nothing new, neither are online stores embedded into Facebook but the fact that a brand like Tesco has launched the same may suggest many more are set to swiftly follow. The new Facebook page that Tesco offer is an attempt to make their online clothing store more personal and appealing [...]

Ifttt may make your life easier

The home page for IFTT simply reads: “Put the internet to work for you” It’s so simple, you think somebody must have invented this before, but to be honest this is the first time we’ve come across IFTT or any of its ilk and we love it. So what is IFTT? Well IFTT stands for [...]

Rewarding the top internet projects in the UK

It is that time of year when time is running out to get your nominations in for the five categories of the Nominet Internet Awards. The awards recognise achievements of organisations and individuals who have created projects that help make the internet a more inclusive, enjoyable and safer space for everyone. The five categories of [...]

New domain extension top of the names

Word reaches us here at 123-reg of a top secret plan to be unveiled by the internet community later this year: the first in a series of name-based domain names. .dave will become the first personal name-based domain name extension, with plans to have the same available for general release in time for Christmas. Following [...]

Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’

Turbo charge your AdWords campaign with ‘Sitelinks’ If you use Google AdWords to drive visitors to your website, you might already be aware of an exciting new feature they released last week. Google are calling it ‘Sitelinks’, and it allows you to add lots more links onto your AdWords creative What does it look like? [...]