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Interview with Jonathan Brealey: Real Business Stories and Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Brealey is one of the key figures in the UK hosting market over the past decade, starting his career in the industry in 1997. At this time Jonathan realised that even though the Internet was becoming increasingly popular, web hosting services were predominantly technical in nature. Jonathan and his brother Tim set out to [...]

6 Top Tips for success from those who know

We all want to be a success. We all have different ways we think we can achieve it. There’s no right or wrong answer but what about those who have already proven their success? Here’s six top tips to making your start-up business a success from those in the know: Simon Hughes MP Deputy Leader [...]

In every job that must be done there is an element of fun…

…You find the fun and ‘snap’ the job’s a game. So sang Mary Poppins when trying to entice the young Jane and Michael Banks in her care to get with her programme and now the same could inspire you to business success. This article from US entrepreneur Natalie Peace, applies some of the most memorable [...]

#GEWUK Entrepreneurs creating the conversation

10 million people are expected to take part in this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week  which begins today, 40,000 events in 104 countries have been organised, suggesting there’s quite a few committed to addressing the current global economic crisis by getting out there and just doing it themselves. “Every business starts with a conversation. Start yours [...]

Mumpreneurs are leading the way

If ever the politicians needed an example of how British resolve will pull the country clear of these sad ecomomic times, they needn’t look much further than the working mum (or dad). It sounds clichéd but most parents would do anything for their kids and whereas once that used to be taking on a couple [...]