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The easy website builder: Adding Social Media widgets to your site

When I’m a fan of a website, whether it’s an online clothing shop, a travel agency or a restaurant, I usually become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I think that’s what we all do so we can engage with them and to ensure we don’t miss any of their offers. Everything [...]

A Guide To Making Shareable Content For Google+

In the first of a four part series (every Thursday) through a series of expert guest bloggers we hope to unravel and help you understand Google+. Here’s part 1: Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve no doubt heard of Google Plus. You may have even already created a page for your business on [...]

Time to post – What says

We’ve written before about the best time to post on social media for the biggest engagement but URL shortener experts recently revealed their own findings which are also well worth studying. The report is based on Eastern Standard Time, so skews any UK data but the premise of what time in day works best, [...]

Women lead the way in engagement

The battle of sexes continues in the virtual world and it’s the fairer sex that leads the way according to the latest report from Nielsen. STATE OF THE MEDIA SPRING 2012 – ADVERTISING & AUDIENCES PART 2: BY DEMOGRAPHIC released today is a US-centric study on who is engaging and where and it throws up [...]

Tweet to become Tweetable

They say practice makes perfect and the same is very true in the Twittersphere. The reason Stephen Fry and Richard Bacon still have such strong Twitter followings is in much part due to the fact that they have been doing it so long they understand the medium better than anyone else. For the Twitterati it [...]

Six reasons you should be using Google+ for your Business

We all know the power of Google and while it has dipped toes into the social media sphere before and failed, this time, with Google + most of the experts are taking notice and suggesting they’ve got it right. But why? 1. It’s indexed by Google This clearly means that anything you put there, any [...]

Zebras amongst horses. Make your brand stand out in the social media ring

Q6A9MT8X79G8   So we’ve given you 25 articles giving you hundreds of ideas as to how you can achieve the perfect template for successful social media. Now here is the final article in the series and the time where we say forget that… Be yourself If it was all about everybody doing the same thing, [...]

Yesterday is too late. Current content is crucial

Did you read that last week about….?? Probably yes. The internet’s virality means news travels fast, so keeping your blog up to date with the latest news is probably not within your resources, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it current. Current gives power Just as the current down your electricity wire drives  your [...]

X marks the spot for location based social media

Location, location, location. It’s a phrase that for years most small businesses will have had at the heart of their original business plan, but the internet has changed things dramatically. Where as once where a professional set up practice, or where a specific type of retailer opened a shop, was as much to do with [...]