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6 Top Tips for success from those who know

We all want to be a success. We all have different ways we think we can achieve it. There’s no right or wrong answer but what about those who have already proven their success? Here’s six top tips to making your start-up business a success from those in the know: Simon Hughes MP Deputy Leader [...]

Tips for your content – in a monetary sense

There are a growing number of bloggers across the globe earning a proper and respectable wage from their online writing projects and understandably more and more bloggers or would be bloggers or content creators are keen to collect their slice too. Until now that has been a bit difficult. Positive comments are nice but don’t [...]

Sharing is the key to success

If you see a website now without a Twitter or Facebook button you will probably agree it looks a bit bare. It has become almost a guaranteed feature and it is not just because it looks pretty. Sharing works, both for your social media and now also for your website listing too with Google placing [...]

Remember the basics

The key to successful social media use, is knowing why you moved into the field in the first place. At the hub of your social media strategy should be communication. It is important too that you remember communication is a two-way tool, so by all means spread your message but also listen too. The best [...]

6 New Year’s Resolutions for a successful 2012

So the year has settled in – too quickly for our liking – and no doubt you’ve already broken all those resolutions you made on December 31st. So we thought two weeks in would make a time to set some more resolutions to keep this year and some that are more business specific and designed [...]

Video interview with Laura Rigney co-founder of MumpreneurUK

If you read our blog of yesterday you will know that we attended the very successful MumpreneurUK annual Conference and Awards over the weekend. While we were there, we caught up with co-founder Laura Rigney and asked her what MumpreneurUK is all about, why mumpreneurs are overcoming the current economic crisis and what it takes [...]

SEO direct tips from Bing

However good your SEO, the key aim is always to get a higher listing in search engine directories. So when one of those search engines shares tips on optimising your site for SEO, it’s worth taking notice, after all they should know what works and what doesn’t. On the Bing Webmaster Centre Blog last month [...]