That’s the north west of England (so apologies to our readers in Oregon or Wester Ross or the north west of any other country), more specifically Manchester.

PHPNW08 is a PHP conference taking place in Manchester next week.  We know that lots of you use PHP on your websites, so we thought it worth highlighting.  It’s just one day, and on a Saturday so you don’t need your boss’s permission to go.  The conference website describes it as being for “developers, designers, managers or anyone else with an interest in the PHP programming language”.

Conferences are a great way of keeping up to date with what’s happening with a particular technology, and meeting others who work with it.  Grass roots events like this one (those run by enthusiasts rather than professional conference organisers trying to make money) are particularly good, not least because they are so cheap ‒ tickets are just £60, a bargain compared to some commercial conferences which charge £800 a day.

The talks at PHPNW08 are varied, both in their content and their level (beginners or advanced), and there are some on other technology which is often used with PHP, such as MySQL and HTML.  Check out the full schedule, and maybe we’ll see you there?

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