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Archive for February, 2008

The economics of domain disputes

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Another day, another well known name involved in a domain name dispute. This time it’s The Economist, which has failed to wrestle control of from a chap called Jason...

The longest domain in the world?

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For some reason, conversation in the office earlier this week turned to long domain names. Specifically, we were wondering what the longest domain name in the world is. A quick...

How to avoid domain name scams

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There’s a nice post over on the Tucows blog warning about fake domain name renewal notices. Tucows is a wholesale domain name registrar, so the advice is aimed mainly at...

Reaction to our Chris Anderson interview

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Last month’s interview with Chris Anderson is one of the most popular posts we’ve ever put on this blog, and it attracted a bit of comment in the blogosphere. If you missed...

All aboard for record-breaking domain sale

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We’ve written before about the most expensive domain names ever. And just last week, a new price record was set for a domain. As the Register notes, the domain...

A must for any domain geek’s office wall

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Whilst surfing the typography forums in a bid to find the perfect logo typeface, I stumbled across a very interesting example of map making. A stroke of design genius, the...