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Fun with Firefox 3.5

By Simon - July 6, 2009

As you’ve probably heard, Firefox 3.5 has been released and is available to download. There are changes and new features in several areas, but some of the most interesting for web developers are...

Free MySQL Talk in Leeds, Tonight

By Simon - May 11, 2009

Somewhat to my surprise, I find I’m giving a free talk on MySQL quirks in Leeds this evening — I’d been expecting to attend talks on Raid and Cacti, but the speaker...

Welcome to Brawn GP

By Simon - March 9, 2009

As Formula 1 followers will know, Honda have pulled out of the sport.  Last week there was a management buy out of their former F1 team, now known as Brawn GP.  We’re delighted...

Who deserves second-level .uk domains?

By Simon - February 6, 2009

At the UK Supreme Court some are apparently unhappy with its designated domain name.  Apologies for being slightly behind with this story — but then the Sunday Telegraph society gossip page isn’t...

Free Perl Conference in London

By Simon - November 19, 2008

Not wanting Perl developers to feel left out after the PHP conference in Manchester we mentioned recently, there’s a grassroots Perl conference in London the week afterwards, on Saturday November 29th. Perl has...

Calling PHP Developers in the North West

By Simon - November 14, 2008

That’s the north west of England (so apologies to our readers in Oregon or Wester Ross or the north west of any other country), more specifically Manchester. PHPNW08 is a PHP conference taking...