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Brands uniting for social media rewards

By Tim Fuell - May 5, 2011

In a move that appears to have been overlooked by much of the mainstream media, airline bmiBaby this week announced a blatant move into gamification via a tie-up with location-based network Gowalla. Announcing...

Google’s Social invite

By Tim Fuell - April 26, 2011

You know how sometimes you get an invite to a party where the person extends the invite you and a guest by using the “+1” suffix? Well Google has brought the concept...

123-reg fun day

By Tim Fuell - March 22, 2011

Recently we’ve been writing more and more about social media so we sat down and thought: “You know what, let’s give something to our social media followers.” …so tada! Here it is. We’re giving...

The Twitterati of Britain

By Tim Fuell - March 18, 2011

Charlie Sheen has recently shown how fame, fortune and eccentricity go a long way to creating a large Twitter following but have you ever wondered who the most influential Tweeters are in...

How Microsoft misjudged the Twitter sell

By Tim Fuell - March 15, 2011

We’ve blogged about individual bloopers in the Twittersphere before, but this week even one of the world’s biggest names in IT forgot the adage to ‘think before you tweet’. While the world news...

TV and social media embrace

By Tim Fuell - February 25, 2011

You may have noticed more and more television shows plugging their Twitter accounts or Facebook pages in recent months? It seems the TV executives have finally acknowledged that social media is here...

Top six social media mistakes you should avoid

By John - February 9, 2011

The exciting, fast-moving world of social media can also be a complete and utter minefield if you’re not careful. Plenty of companies have found this out to their cost, having failed to observe...

A friend like me

By Tim Fuell - February 8, 2011

Be they friends, followers or connections, the modern world is all about the size and potential of your own social network. Whether you then inadvertently neglect them or actively nurture them it’s...


By Tim Fuell - February 3, 2011

Whatever sort of content you are creating your key aim is probably to bring in as much traffic as possible. That’s where social media success can be vital in widening your reach...