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Top 6… tools to test your website

By John - June 4, 2008

It’s important to test the various elements of your website as you build it, and double check everything both before you go live and after you’ve launched. There are lots of free tools...

Top 6… Tips for advertising on Facebook

By 123 Reg - January 2, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone. I thought I’d start the year with a quick post about the site that is sure to continue to dominate the internet news in 2008… Facebook. Facebook has...

Top 6…ways to improve your online shop

By John - December 6, 2007

So you’ve started selling online and you want to maximise your sales. Here are 6 tips that could help:Use clear descriptions and good pictures. If you sell a physical product, it’s important...

Top 6…Ways to increase conversion

By 123 Reg - November 5, 2007

1. Define the objective of each page Why does that particular page exist? Is it to provide information to encourage the visitor to enter the order process, is it to capture a prospect’s...