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How domain names get made


With ICANN’s recent liberalisation of the domain name market, there will soon be lots of new domain name extensions to choose from. Good news if you’re aching for a domain name ending in .transformers or .website, which are just two of the many new domains proposed. As this new era of domain names dawns, it…

Keeping it real in the virtual world


Running an online business has many advantages over a traditional bricks and mortar company. A virtual shop front gives you the ability to attract customers from all around the world. You’re not restricted to people passing on the local High Street. Your overheads are typically smaller, and if your product is an online service, you…

Multivariate testing: how to prove your website changes work


For many big internet companies – Amazon, say, or Google – the idea that there’s a single version of their website is laughable. That’s because these firms are constantly experimenting with different designs, layouts, colours, processes or text. By using website analysis and optimisation tools, these companies can create multiple variants of a page and…

Is the EU’s cookie law confusing you too?


You might remember that in May last year some new EU rules came into force. Dubbed the ‘EU cookie law’, the legislation says websites have to get permission from users before storing pieces of information called cookies on their computers. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files which websites place on visitors’ computers. They’re…

Could a hacker really kill your website … and your business?


When you’re dealing with the day-to-day issues of running a website (not to mention running a business), worrying about security can come way down your list of priorities. And that’s understandable: if your website’s never been hacked or attacked, it’s hard to grasp quite how much damage it can cause. After all, why would hackers…

Q&A: what .uk domain changes mean for you


From the start of May it’ll be possible to register .uk domain names for up to ten years at a time. Our domains and hosting expert Richard Winslow explains what the changes are and what they mean for you. What’s changing with .uk domain registrations? “Until now it’s only been possible to register .uk domain…

New domain name applications are open now


If you believe the hype, 2012 could be the year of new domain names. That’s because plans for the liberalisation of the domain name market – which were discussed and debated for years – are finally being put into practice. This month saw applications open for the creation of new domain name extensions. Think .london,…

Top six tweets and Facebook updates of 2011


If you follow us on Twitter or check our updates on Facebook, you’ll have seen us post lots of interesting stories and links this year. In typical ‘review of the year’ fashion, we’ve trawled back to bring you six of our updates that were most shared or retweeted: Don’t make it easy for burglars! You…

Top six killer SEO tips for your website


Over the years we’ve covered the art of search engine optimisation (SEO)  here in some detail. From understanding what search engine optimisation is to creating content which attracts lots of links, we have advice that can help. The thing is, we have so many blog posts now that it’s not that easy to find the…

New map shows broadband slow spots – but here are our best broadband tools


Communications regulator Ofcom has published a colourful online map showing the state of broadband in the UK. It shows broadband take-up in each area, average connection speeds and what percentage of homes can’t even manage a paltry 2Mbps speed. (In 2009 the government said everyone should be able to get a 2Mbps connection by 2012,…